Are you considering adoption?  It's not what it used to be!

Adoption is a worthy option to consider if you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy and are concerned about how you would parent at this stage in your life. Adoption can be a good choice for both you and your baby. It provides a different, yet healthy way to parent and provide for your baby. It means you are able to pursue your life goals without the responsibility of parenting or avoid the potential risks of abortion.

Creating an adoption plan gives you a number of choices:

• You can choose a family for your child.
• You can choose: an open, semi-open, or confidential adoption. These options include varying degrees of confidentiality and openness in the adoption process, so you can choose the one that’s best for you.
• The decision to make an adoption plan can be made any time during your pregnancy or even after your baby is born.

You probably have many questions when thinking about adoption. Crossroads Pregnancy Center has great resources to help you decide if this is the healthiest option for you.

Contact Us if you have any questions, or Request an Appointment.  We are here for you.